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Vishal Infraprojects  is one of the leading and largest infrastructure development firms of India. In last 35 years we have been instrumental in Mass Earthwork, Control Blasting, Piling Work, Back Filling, Demolition work and Infrastructure development which includes Roads, Drains, Utility Pipe Line, Sewers, Masonry Dam and a number of prestigious projects all across Maharashtra. We have extended our contracting services by deploying heavy Earthmoving equipments, Rock Breakers, Compactors, Rollers and other machineries for timely completion of the project assigned to us.

We are committed to meet the expectation of our customer through our well designed and established service delivery system. Our efforts are to economies the projects and reduce the basic cost by deploying latest fleet of machinery along with scientific and innovative technique.

Our efforts have been to provide customer driven excellence with agility and system prospective. We have always addressed the customer focus as customer is the objective and purpose of our business. We believe in total customer satisfaction by strictly adhering to standard construction practices and maintaining employer’s vendor relationship.

Further carrying out the multiplicity nature of job under vast diversity have given us necessary experience to expedite any kind of job under any circumstance with greater emphasis on quality, speed, economy and safety. It will be completed and achieved by our team which is well equipped with a blend of dynamic professionalism with visionary leadership.

Earthwork and Rock Excavation by Diamond Wire Cutter Method,
Chemical Method, Controlled Blasting Method

Contractors for Factory
Demolition and
Trading is Scrap and other materials,

Contractors for Residential and
Commercial Projects, Land Development Work, Boundary Wall Work

Contractors for Shore Piling Services, Road Work and Infrastructure Development Projects

Expertise in Hard Rock Excavation by Controlled


Following companies forms part of our group |


Vishal Civil Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading and largest infrastructure development firms of India.


Vishal Earthmovers India Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading and largest infrastructure development firms of India.


POOJA INDUSTRIES is one of the leading and largest infrastructure development firms of India.

STEP1: • Mix the Expansive Mortar with the normal water in topper proportion. 

STEP2: • Fill the Mix chemical in depth of 2.5m c/c 300mm each.

STEP3: • After filling of chemical in hole, within 4 hours crack will occur on rock.

              • Break the rock by Rock Breaker Machine and loaded into the dumper                    by bucket and dispose outside the site premises.

STEP1: • By drilling of 100m Dia., spacing 3m centre to centre hole having horizontal distance.
 • Through plumbing, process make the hole of 100mm Dia., on top end of the hole so as to co-incides both the centre to centre hole. 

STEP2: • Insert the diamond cutter wire through both the hole. Diamond cutter  wire is then fixed in the rail of the wheel. 

 • Wheel will move on the track and start cutting of rock for both hole and on the top side.

STEP3: • Sprinkle the water on the top of the wire cutting edge of the rock. This is done to maintain the temperature of rock and diamond cutter wire.

• Whole piece of rock is then being get cut in the fashion of cake.

• Cake broken in pieces by rock breaker machine is then loaded in dumper and disposed outside.


  • Barricading the plot
  • Demolition of buildings with Hydraulic Breakers
  • Demolition of buildings with Hydraulic Breakers
  • After obtaining debris management permission, removal of Debris from site and disposing the same
  • Sale of Scrap items and credit to be given back to the clients or directly sold by us and amount to credited to the client (As per the Work Order)
  • Excavation of Soil to the requited depth


• There is no any kind of NOC require in this method.
• It is cheap and fastest method compare of diamond cutter method.
• Its allow to construct concreting work during the rock breaking method.
• Its easy to handle manually as well as via transportation.
• It is noiseless.


• There is no any type of disadvantages in this method.


  • There is no any type of vibration through this method.
  • This method does not affect to any type of nearest concrete work.
  • It is not explosive
  • No any type of permission is required for this method.
  • In basement area, No shore piling, require in this method.


  • It is very costly
  • It is time consuming job as well.
  • It is very lengthy process as the two holes to be co-incide, out of which one is the top hole and the other is horizontal hole
  1. First we need to plan through thorough study of the structure and also to understand its strength.
  2. Drilling of holes and placing explosives in the columns for a pre blast to understand the quantity of explosives to be used to displace concrete and direct the fall.
  3. Taking a pre blast
  4. After thorough understanding of the structure, drill the required holes for final blast at a specified angle.
  5. Place the requisite quantity of explosives depending upon the direction of fall.
  6. Connect the circuit.
  7. Press the trigger take the final blast.